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Works flawlessly. The only negative thing with this product is the artwork was damaged due to how the 3d printed body presses up against the art paper when the plexi is locked in place. This causes indentions which eventually wears through the art paper causing white lines to appear. This could probably be resolved by printing out the art on thicker paper or putting some kind of barrier between the 3d printed body and the art paper. Thank you.

Great in every way.

It is light and durable. The buttons are a little smaller than what some people might be use too, but I have smaller fingers then my friends. I may have customized it, but the way it feels and fits in my hands makes it feel like it was made for me.

New to leverless

I’m just getting back into fighting games and the leverless as well and this controller has made it an easy transition from controller. Great product

Quality button box

Arrived fast and built to spec. Noticeably has good build quality but is very light and not heavy like other button boxes. Has enough palm/wrist space to feel comfortable. Body is 3d printed but doesn't feel cheap or flimsy.

Would love if there were other button options (qanba) for customization when ordering but that is preference.

Overall very satisfied with purchase and would recommend.

First Leverless, Love It

Build and print quality was great, buttons feel very satisfying and worked with my PS5 out of the box.

Would have liked a printout for the button mapping as it took me a bit to get used to the top button mappings, but didn't take long to figure out.

Also would have really liked a slight chamfer to the top of the acrylic top as the corners can dig into my arms if I rest them on the edge. It isn't razor sharp but it is uncomfortable after a while and would be a nice touch to have that sharp corner knocked down a little

Absolutely love it

I've purchased an empty case but they helped me also purchasing all necessary parts as well as guided me through how to set things up. Definitely recommended.

Podium V2 DIY KIT
Ariana Arbelaez

Podium V2 DIY KIT

Love it!

Works perfect! Still learning but i love it.

Work of art!

My fight stick arrived today and exceeded my expectations. It looks fantastic and everything feels smooth and responsive!

Huge props to the team for putting this together and huge shoutout for going above and beyond to not only be available for me to stop by and pick up the part I needed, but also to your art specialist who I confirmed had the logic and courtesy to invert the image I submitted so Chun's face wasn't blocked by the buttons. You guys are professional and I truly appreciate it!

Time to put this SF6 work in and give someone the legs!

Legit and Worth it

At first I was skeptical but I decided to buy anyways, completely worth it, fast shipping and the board came out great and is amazing to use.

Feels great to use and also the delivery was fast. Most leverless controllers have crazy wait times. Mine arrived in 2 1/2 weeks. Will purchase again if I need another

Podium V1 DIY Kit - Fight Stick Kit - Purple
Maynor Roldan
Worth every penny and worth the wait

Ran into this seller via YouTube post ad, wanted to try new things so i clicked on it, and if i can sum it up in three word: Worth The Money. They were very nice people and very interactive in chats and they helped me build a work around with 2 commissions i ordered from them, Very chill people and friendly. Enjoyed my chats with them. Would definitely recommend this store for anyone looking to get enclosures if they're just getting into custom builds. Will buy again soon in the near future.

Great Experience and Quality Product!

Had a bit of a hiccup with the details of my order, but Paul did everything to make it right. As a small business owner, I know these situations aren't the easiest to deal with. So, I think that speaks volumes as to the character of how this business is run and highly recommend them to anyone who is interested! The controller came safely packaged and was exactly what I asked for. 10/10

A work of art

When I saw someone post their podium v2 on Reddit I checked out and not gonna lie I was kinda skeptical and took the risk. But after getting my order, Holy this fight stick is on another level the quality, the art I sent them to put on is perfect, the buttons feel amazing and honestly I think it’s better than my hitbox. Will be buying another one forsure in the future

Hidden gem

First leverless controller. Had trouble finding one for xbox and they had universal boards. Controller turned out nice and functions perfect, takes a bit to get use too but fun. Hope in the future more colors become available would of loved a darker blue and pink to fit the art work a better but the black really pops

Amazing controller!

This is my first leverless controller and was kinda skeptical with ordering from this website as ive never heard of it but was blown away when i recieved my custom controller! Customer service was very fast and answered every question that I had! Cant wait until these guys get more recognition because they deserve it! Thank you very much guys, im beyond happy to learn to use this and will be orderimg here again whenever I need an arcade stick!

Podium V1 Fight Box - 12 Button Box
Casey Sears
Great Build Quality

Works as expected and I love it. Thank you!

Podium V1 Fight Box - 12 Button Box
Richard Herrera

Podium V1 Fight Box - 12 Button Box

Podium V1 Fight Box - 12 Button Box
Anthony Rodriguez
High Quality Product & Amazing Performance - Top of the line customer experience

Overall Very Highly Recommend!!
I rarely ever leave reviews, but after the amount time I've spent trying to find a leverless-style controller I would say that the product and customer service has been absolutely AMAZING and far exceeded my expectations.

Regarding the product:
It's a beautiful build style with top of the line components inside. The build can be as minimalistic or as flashy as you want it to be, the creativity is left to you. The quality of the build is on par with it's great base design, as nothing but the best components are used within (which is most important IMO). The overall style and feel of the leverless controller I got is top notch.

Regarding the customer experience:
Throughout my purchase I had several questions which were all answered thoroughly and effectively in a short time frame. The passion in what this company is doing definitely shows through the customer service & experience they are providing.

I was originally unsure of going through with the purchase, as I was unfamiliar with the website/name, but if you're in the same position you should give this product a try. I'm glad that went the Podium V1, and I can't wait to see what the future has in store for this company.

Podium V1 Fight Box - 12 Button Box
Jose Alfaro

Podium V1 Fight Box - 12 Button Box

Podium V1 Fight Box - 12 Button Box
Great product, better customer service

I had an unconventional problem with my fight box, due to my own negligence. They went above and beyond to help me out and get it back in working order asap. Will definitely recommend topstep to anyone in the market for a new fightstick or hitbox.

Top notch. Amazing customer service. Great product!

Never heard of the site. Took a leap of faith and I was not disappointed. This is my first fightstick/box and I chose the 12 button hitbox and it's has been great learning on it! I have been using mine for over a week now. I definitely recommend giving these guys a chance,!

Podium V1 Fight Box - 12 Button Box
The best stick I've ever owned

I've been playing fighting games since I was five years old mashing lightning legs on a snes pad. I've owned a half dozen or more fightsticks over the decades, and my TopStep Podium is far and away my favorite. The build quality is perfect, the cable management inside is well-organized, and the customization features online were intuitive and easy. They were also very communicative and quick to respond to inquiries on their socials, which was appreciated. All in all, highly recommend them, and will be purchasing a second one for the missus down the line. Thanks again Topstep.

Podium V1 Fight Box - 12 Button Box
Jonah lee
Top notch service, with an amazing controller.

I was skeptical about buying a leverless controller from here since I had never heard of the company before, but I am very glad I did. The plastic came slightly damaged from shipping, but Paul has done an amazing job taking care of me. Anyone looking for a controller should definitely consider topstep. Amazing product and amazing customer service. Thank you guys!!

Podium V1 Fight Box - Fight Stick / Joystick
mario lopez
I was skeptical at first but it’s great

I was a bit worried at first it was a Scan but after I got it everything has been perfect and there is no problems with anything. Worth the money and I will get another one