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Podium V2 Controller - Fight Stick

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Customize Your Own Premium Podium V2 Fight Stick - The Best Arcade Joystick for Fighting Games

Experience the ultimate fighting game controller with the personalized Podium V2 Fight Stick. This top-of-the-line arcade joystick is packed with top-quality features, including :

Key Features of the all new V2 Platform

  • The Podium V2 represents the future of our upcoming products from TopStep.GG and builds upon all the beloved features of its predecessor and takes them to new heights. 
  • One of the key enhancements is the fully modular chassis system, which provides a significantly more rigid platform, enhancing the overall firmness and feel of the top deck.
  • Our "Podium Wings" complement the modular main chassis by creating a full-size enclosure. This innovative design allows for greater customization options, enabling you to choose different colors for the wings and main body. The possibilities for personalization are endless.
  • Sanwa Denshi 24mm buttons - the best buttons for precise control
  • Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT stick - the most responsive stick on the market
  • Case size: 13.7008" x 7.87" x 2.16" (348 x 200 x 55mm) - compact and portable
  • Brook Fight Board: Choose between the Universal Board or XB Board - unparalleled compatibility with a wide range of gaming platforms
  • Compatible with a wide range of gaming platforms, including Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS5, PS4, PS3, Wii U, PC, Nintendo Switch, NEOGEO mini, PS Classic, and MD mini (Universal Board + UP5 required for full compatibility) - never miss a beat with full cross-platform support
  • Brook wiring harness - ensures reliable connections
  • Custom user-submitted artwork option - make it your own with personalized art
  • Easy change artwork system (simply remove 8 screws to change out artwork) - switch up your style anytime
  • Fully modular chassis system / featuring multi material construction. 
  • Stainless steel and aluminum hardware - built to last
  • Made and assembled in the USA - quality you can trust
  • Manufacturing and assembly time: 10-14 days - fast turnaround

Note: UP5 Board allows for compatibility with PS5 for fighting games only.

Get the best arcade joystick for fighting games with the personalized Podium V2 Fight Stick. Take your fighting game skills to the next level and dominate the competition.

Podium V2 Controller - Fight Stick
Podium V2 Controller - Fight Stick

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews

TopstepGG Podium V2 Controller customizations are hands down the best of the best just like their customer service and shipping speed, so now I plan on using this controller for practice and will be taking it also to major tournament events because of its high quality craftsmanship and durability that compliments the lightweight feel, and I will definitely put the word out in the fighting game communities if they inquire.


Superb quality and the custom design i got look perfect

Andrés Sánchez Ortiz
Great quality at great price

Being already a bunch of months into this controller it really continues to feel amazing. Light weight, great buttons & great customer service.


I absolutely love it! If youre into fighting games it is a game changer!

Jesse Saldana

Podium V2 Controller - Fight Stick