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Brook - Universal Fighting Board Fusion UFB-Fusion

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The Best Arcade Controller Solution for Fighting Games - Brook Universal Fight Board Fusion

Take your fighting game skills to the next level with the Brook Universal Fight Board. This top-rated arcade controller is designed to work with a variety of gaming platforms, including Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, and PC, making it the ultimate solution for all your favorite fighting titles.


  • Multi-console support : It's compatible with a wide range of consoles, including the PS5(Fighting Games Only) PS4/3, PS Classic, XB 360/ Original, PC, Switch, Wii U, NeoGeo mini, Astro mini, and MD mini. This means that you can use your custom arcade stick with all of your favorite games. Noted: Please visit our website to check the list of PS5 fighting games that are supported.
  • UFB Fusion : The most ideal solution for fighting game lovers. It's pre-installed Universal Fighting Board and UFB-UP5, saving time on assembling them. For people who want to play arcade sticks without welding skills, this product is definitely the best choice.
  • No soldering required : Brook Fusion does not require any soldering, and saves you time on assembling the Universal Fighting Board and UFB-UP5, making it a great option for beginners.
  • Perfect for fighting games : The Universal Fighting Board Fusion is the perfect choice for fighting games, as it provides accurate input, built-in SOCD cleaner, Turbo Setting, Touchpad function, and fast response times.
  • Package includes : Universal Fighting Board Fusion (Pre-installed header version)*1, Random Sticker*1

    Compatible with: PlayStation 5 fighting games, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox OG, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, PC, MAC, PlayStation Classic, SEGA Genesis Mini, and NEO•GEO Mini.


Don't let outdated or incompatible controllers hold you back. Upgrade to the best arcade controller solution for fighting games with the Brook Universal Fight Board Fusion.

User Guide 

UFB-Fusion (Universal Fighting Board-Fusion), is a new type of fighting board that continues the function of UFB fighting board and can be used in PS5 fighting games. It is a fighting board specially developed for all players who like fighting games.

UFB-Fusion has the lowest operation input lag and the widest compatibility of game consoles. Compatibility includes PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Retro Mini and PC and other mainstream game console platforms, allowing you to freely shuttle between various platforms.

In addition, UFB-Fusion fully complies with the competition regulations, you can play freely in various fighting game competitions, master the rhythm of the game, and be invincible!

Brook - Universal Fighting Board Fusion UFB-Fusion
Brook - Universal Fighting Board Fusion UFB-Fusion
Brook - Universal Fighting Board Fusion UFB-Fusion
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