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Podium V2 Fight Stick KIT - White Body / Gray Wings

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Customize Your Own Premium Podium V2 DIY Kit - The Best Arcade Button Box for Fighting Games

Take control of your fighting game setup with the personalized Podium V2 DIY Kit. This top-of-the-line arcade button box is designed for use with Sanwa 24mm buttons and a 30mm thumb button, offering precise control and a customizable look.


  • Available in Leverless or Fight Stick configurations.
  • Main Body & Podium Wings are available  in 10  different colors.
  • Designed for use with Sanwa 24mm buttons + 30mm thumb button (Push In Only) & Sanwa JLF Sticks
  • Case size: 13.7008" x 7.87" x 2.16" (348 x 200 x 55mm) 
  • Compatible with all Brook Fight Boards
  • Easy Change Artwork System (simply remove 8 screws to change out artwork)
  • Clear plexi glass construction
  • Matte P95 Bottom
  • Stainless steel and aluminum hardware
  • Manufactured and assembled in the USA
  • Easy to assemble with all tools included
  • Includes USB Extension ( no additional usb port needed)

*Please note: electronics , buttons and artwork are sold separately*

Take your fighting game setup to the next level with the customizable Podium V2 DIY Kit.

Podium V2 Fight Stick KIT - White Body / Gray Wings

Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
First time buying a fightstick and it great

It was easy to customize and it plays great. My own gripe is that I would like some notches on my joystick to help distinguish what position my joystick is in.

Drew Dawson
Great product, but one big flaw.

The product works great and is exactly what i hoped for, great for gameplay and im very happy with the button sizes. I have been running into a problem with the custom print however, as it has shown marks as ive continued to play from the surface underneath the custom print sheet. It does feel like the custom print is quite cheaply produced, ESPECIALLY for the price that i have payed for it, and due to it being separated from the clear top over it, its been tracking dust and whatnot as well. Again, gameplay wise the product has been great, and the build itself is very comfortable and functional, but for the price i payed it would be an outright lie to say i wasnt quite disappointed with the way the and custom print was integrated.

Hi Drew,
Thank you for your feedback. We are constantly seeking ways to improve our products. Look out for a direct email from us. We'll provide support tips to help resolve the print imperfections you've noticed and get it sorted.

Saad Elliott

Simply phenomenal


TopstepGG Podium V2 Controller customizations are hands down the best of the best just like their customer service and shipping speed, so now I plan on using this controller for practice and will be taking it also to major tournament events because of its high quality craftsmanship and durability that compliments the lightweight feel, and I will definitely put the word out in the fighting game communities if they inquire.


Superb quality and the custom design i got look perfect